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Feed Grade Calcium Formate

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English name Calcium Formate

Molecular Formula Ca(HCOO)2

Physical properties: Easy to be absorbed, slightly bitter taste, non-toxic, soluble in water. At 0°C, the solubility of calcium formate is 16g; at 100°C, it is 18.4g/100g.

Specific gravity: 2.023 (20°C), bulk density 900-1000 g/L


1. Calcium formate can be used as a new type feeding addictive, adaptable for sorts of acidogenic mold inhibitor of feedstuff. It has the function of preventing diarrhea and dysentery and promoting digesting and absorbing.

2. Domestic and foreign market research shows that adding 1% to 1.5% calcium formate in piglet diets can significantly improve the performance of weaned piglets. The German study found that adding 1.3% calcium formate to the diet of weaned piglets can improve the feed conversion rate by 7% to 8%. Adding 0.9% can reduce the incidence of diarrhea in piglets.

Packing: 25kg, Big bag (1200KGS)

Quality standard: Q/ZRB001-2013

Index item

Quality standard


White crystalline powder

Calcium formate,%

98 min

Ca Content(%)




PH of 10% solution


Heavy Metal(Pb) %




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